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Scientific Publications

  • Karagiannis, Dimitris; Grossmann, Wilfried; Höfferer, Peter (2007): Open Model Initiative - A Feasibility Study, Project Study on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. download

  • Karagiannis, Dimitris; Kühn, Harald: Metamodelling Platforms. Invited Paper. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference EC-Web 2002 - Dexa 2002, 2002. download

  • Fill, Hans-Georg, Karagiannis, Dimitris (2013): On the Conceptualisation of Modelling Methods Using the ADOxx Meta Modelling Platform, Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures - An International Journal , Vol. 8, Issue 1, 4-25. download 

  • Fill, Hans-Georg, Redmond, Timothy, Karagiannis, Dimitris (2013): Formalizing Meta Models with FDMM: The ADOxx Case, in: Cordeiro, J., Maciaszek, L., Filipe, J.: Enterprise Information Systems, LNBIP, Vol. 141, Springerlink , 429-451.

  • Karagiannis, Dimitris; Visic, Niksa: Next Generation of Modelling Platforms, Springerlink

  • Hawryszkiewycz, Igor (2011): Open Modeling For Designing Community Ecosystems, PACIS 2011 Proceedings , Paper 75. download

Presentations on Open Models

  • Glinz, Martin (2011): Extrem leichtgewichtige Modellierung von Anforderungen, University of Vienna. download

  • Weske, Mathias: Business Process Management: Abstraction, Consistency, Compliance, University of Vienna. download


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It is an evaluation of the benefits of open source software and the possibility to apply this concepts and ideas to the modelling world. Furthermore it contains information on the goals of the Open Model Initiative and its fundamental ideas of sharing models and metamodels.

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