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About the Open Model Initiative

The main vision that we have when talking about the Open Model Initiative can be formulated with just three words:

“Models for everyone.”

We are convinced that in the medium-term models will become one of the most important means for communication between people in general and an essential factor of production for knowledge intensive business in particular. Because of this we believe that in the course of an Open Model Initiative the concrete goal has to be the establishment of a community that deals with the creation, maintenance, modification, distribution, and analysis of models. Hereby, we do not only aim for the participation of modeling experts but we also want to enable people to work with models that have little or no knowledge in this area but are interested to learn something new. Furthermore, in principal, we do not want to restrict the understanding of the term “model” in any way here as we follow a user‐driven approach. Anything that is considered to be a useful model for some purpose by any group of people shall basically be potential model content for the Open Model Initiative as well.

This means that the plans of buildings or landscapes, mathematical formulas, charts, toy models, and so on could be models that are created and used by participants of our initiative. In the same manner we also do not limit the basic idea of the Open Model Initiative to certain domains or functional areas of organizations. There are useful models in widely different domains like information technology, biology, chemistry, or medicine as well as various models for functional areas like procurement, marketing, logistics or engineering. This far the term “open” in our Open Model Initiative addresses the openness of possible model content as it is known from the open source world.

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Feasibility Study & Publications

Download Feasibility StudyGet our Feasibility Study
It is an evaluation of the benefits of open source software and the possibility to apply this concepts and ideas to the modelling world. Furthermore it contains information on the goals of the Open Model Initiative and its fundamental ideas of sharing models and metamodels.

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Open Model Initiative - A Feasibility Study

Karagiannis, D., Grossmann, W. and Höfferer, P. (2007) Open Model Initiative - A Feasibility Study
Project Study on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology